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5 Best Monero Mining Pools 2018




The cryptocurrency craze is all around us, and many people started mining since this is the easiest way to obtain coins. Being one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, Monero is hunted by many enthusiasts. However, it’s becoming harder and harder to earn new coins since mining is the process that requires more and more complicated computations.

Think you can handle it on your own? What about boosting the mining efficiency? With a Monero mining pool, you can join the other crypto hunters alike and generate blocks way faster. By uniting the power of your hardware, you can reach far better results.

How to choose the best Monero mining pool?

In order to select a reliable and efficient platform, you should take the following into consideration:

  1. Does the pool charge any fee? The vast majority of pools have one to two percent fee.

  2. What’s the pool’s total hashing power?

  3. What is the minimum payout? As a rule, the lower the better.

  4. What’s the amount of uptime ensure? It should be at least 99 percent.

To ease the task for you, we have prepared a detailed Monero mining pool comparison– it will help you to make an informed decision and pick up the most agreeable solution. Let’s start our overview.


Being one of the leading mining platforms, Minergate can be called the best mining pool for Monero. Why? First, it ensures 99.7 percent uptime. Secondly, it has a minimum payout of .01 XMR– it allows for receiving your rewards daily (of course, everything depends on the amount of your contribution). Minergate’s fee is one percent- more than fair. Besides, it supports web mining– a highly useful feature for miners.

By the way, Minergate supports many other currencies being an equally convenient platform for earning any coin.


If you are seeking a solution tailored specifically for Monero, pool mining with MoneroHash can be a nice option for you. The platform was established in October 2014 and has become pretty popular among miners recently. They charge 1.6 percent fee– that’s somewhere in the middle of the pack. MoneroHash features servers in the US and finds blocks every 120 minutes. One of their most outstanding features is the possibility to mine right to your exchange wallet. Other advantages include:

  • DDoS protection,

  • Integrated address support,

  • SSL/TLS encryption and IPv6 support,

  • mining to exchange.

MoneroHash interface


The next interesting solution is offered by mineXMR. What makes it special? Their minimum payout is .004 XMR only, so you can easily get your daily payments, especially considering the fact that the average time of block generation is 45 minutes only. It has only one percent pool fee, however, it comes at the price of a low uptime– about 95 percent. That’s not as reliable as should be. At the same time, there are servers located around the world, and even in case of downtime, some of them will still work. Considering all that, it’s no surprise that mineXMR counts over 25,000 active miners and is the most popular platform for XMR hunters.


This is a versatile mining pool: Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum– you can earn the most popular cryptocurrencies at ease. There are already 6,500 XMR miners active on Nanopool (overall number of miners from different countries is about 100,000), and the community continues growing. Nanopool has one percent pool fee, which is low. Besides, it allows for receiving payments several times a day. While the default payout is one XMR, you can lower this amount without raising the fee. There are a handful of useful tools for mining and extra perks, including PPLNS reward system. The coins you earn can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies in the pool.

Nanopool interface

Monero Crypto Pool FR

Although this platform has a two percent fee, it is one of the most reliable and solid solutions over there. A block is found every seven hours, which isn’t the fastest hash rate, but agreeable if you get payments once a day. Although this may seem to be not the most attractive option out of the list, Monero Crypto Pool has servers in France, which ensures a high level of security and a stable connection and 13.51 MH/s hash power, which is relatively high. The community counts over 1,500 miners, and you will surely find someone trustworthy to cooperate with.

Monero pool comparison

Let’s see how the above-mentioned platforms differ.


Pool Fee

Hash rate

Overall Number of Miners

The average time of block generation



17.2 MH/s

> 100,000



7.87 MH/s


2 hours



74 MH/s


45 minutes



135 kH/s

> 100,000

Monero Crypto Pool FR


1.93 MH/s


7 hours

As you can see from the table above, mineXMR seems to offer the best conditions for mining Monero. Being a platform with a narrow focus, it provides everything for fast and efficient earning. At the same time, other platforms mentioned also offer a few perks and appear to be very cost-efficient solutions.

You should also try…

If you’re searching for some alternatives, you should also give a chance to:




  • XMR

  • Support XMR

These are smaller mining pools where the number of users doesn’t exceed 1,000. However, these platforms also ensure a pretty high hashrate and the location of servers varies. Ideally, you need to choose a mining pool with servers hosted as close to you as possible– it will ensure maximum data processing speed.

Where else to find partners? You can also ask for opinions on forums. When in search of Monero mining pool, Reddit and platforms alike are the most useful spots for finding information. Alternatively, you can read reviews on independent websites.

With a reliable and trustworthy Monero mining pool, you can earn way more than you would be able to do alone. With these reviews, you can make an informed decision and gather a team of miners to achieve your goals. Good luck!

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