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Apple Faces 20x More Lawsuits than Ripple (XRP) and It’s Stock is Worth $1 Trillion



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The difference in the amount of litigation facing the crypto and tech communities was brought to light by Twitter user @lanbins, who responded to a post about three pending lawsuits against Ripple, by stating:

“Nice to know but apple is I like 60 . . . lawsuits it just turned $1T it’s normal in big business.”

The lawsuits against Apple mainly involve class action suits over its slowed-down iPhone. Despite the lawsuits, Apple’s stock has increased and it hasn’t showed signs of changing. Currently, AAPL’s market cap is $1.01 trillion. In comparison, Ripples XRP has a market capitalization of $11.673 billion. What is evident from this information is that lawsuits do not always control the value of a company’s stock – there are other prevalent factors.

However, in Ripple’s case, the situation may be different. The lawsuits have influenced the value of the platform’s coin – and negatively. There is good news too – and that is based on Apple’s example, Ripple may have a chance of redeeming its image among investors in other ways and should move forward in doing so.

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