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Bittrex to Pair Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ripple (XRP) with Fiat




A big announcement involving Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) came this Wednesday, August 8, when Bittrex announced plans to add fiat pairing to these two cryptos.

New trading pairs to be introduced on Bittrex

Back on May 31 of this year, Bittrex stated that it offers fiat trading for all corporate customers. Additionally, the exchange hinted that it might soon be adding new crypto/fiat pairs. At that point, the exchange only paired Bitcoin (BTC), TrueUSD (TUSD), and Tether (USDT) with traditional currencies.

However, the exchange said that this list might expand soon, in order to establish better quality control and make sure that the customers are getting the best service that the exchange has to offer. Back then, Bill Shihara, the exchange’s CEO, said that Bittrex is considered to be one of the leading advocates of the blockchain technology. As such, the exchange commits a lot of its efforts to listing new tokens with the best applications in the sphere of business.

However, they also need to be among the most innovative blockchain projects in order to be considered. By adding new crypto/fiat pairs, the exchange hopes to help the adoption of crypto technology, and it aims at allowing more options for its customers in their crypto trading.

Only two weeks after that, on June 14, the exchange announced rolling out what they called the ‘next phase’. The plan was to invite additional groups of customers from the retail industry to become participants in the USD markets. Finally, almost two months after that, the exchange decided to finally add two new crypto/fiat pairs. And so, on August 20, they are expected to launch XRP/USD and ETC/USD pairs.

According to the exchange’s announcement, they are very excited about adding these new pairs. The statement also said that they are not only allowing new pairs that would make their purchase and exchange more direct and practical but are also the only exchange that is currently offering them. Additionally, they plan to continue adding tokens to this market, so that the customers would have access to even more secure, convenient, and fast trading options.

Bittrex plans expansion one step at the time

With the addition of these two coins, the exchange’s customers will now have access to BTC, USDT, ETH, TUSD, ETC, and XRP. Initially, this will only be applied to those customers that are invited to be participants of the rollout. When asked who can apply for the rollout, Bittrex stated that, for now, that list is limited to personal and corporate account customers. There are two different forms for applying, one for corporate customers, and another for personal account customers, which need to be filled.

The exchange’s customers that are currently located outside of the locations that are currently approved will also receive access over time. The exchange has only started with its plan to expand and develop further, and each new phase will bring new updates, additional information, and more.

This is a big move that will significantly increase the liquidity of ETC and XRP, especially within the United States. Not only that, but it also indicates that Bittrex has finally moved on from considering Ripple a security, and is confident that the SEC will do the same.

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