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Blockchain Technology: Blockchain Network, LindaX, Takes On Ethereum ERC20 Because It Is Cheaper And Faster



The Ethereum ERC20 network is the most popular in the smart contract world. As things continue to grow difficult for the Ethereum ecosystem with price struggles, a blockchain startup, LindaX, claims that their network is more accessible and attractive for hosting tokens than the ERC20 network. According to the company, their rival chain gives developers the kind of support they need to create great products and launch them successfully.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD

LindaX, has announced that it is going to use the it’s blockchain to provide entrepreneurs with the perfect opportunity to develop unique tokens that have certain features for designated transactions. At the same time the company will help new developers to navigate the cryptocurrency environment if it is unfamiliar to them. The company has released an extensive white paper detailing its plans for the future. The team is going to help businesses make beneficial connections with exchanges that will be happy to list the tokens they build on the network. It is also going to give them tips and tricks that will help them expand their customer base and enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology.

The startup said that all the tokens that are hosted on its platform will be 100% legitimate. This is its guarantee. The company is going to vet the proposals of different businesses that want to create new tokens in a bid to determine their legitimacy and goal before approval will be made by community validators. If everything goes as planned, entrepreneurs will be able to establish tokens that can be used in different settings.

The LindaX platform is already fully developed. While it is similar to Ethereum, it is cheaper because participants pay less for gas. The company also stated that merchants on the platform will have a 50% drop in transaction cost compared to Ethereum. This offer is especially attractive now when everyone is trying to maximize margins.

Let’s not forget the speed. The new blockchain startup claims that it’s network is going to process about 178 transactions per second for a start. This is far higher than the 15 transactions per second that can be processed on Ethereum. The slowness of the network is the reason why it is having serious scalability issues as its user base grows. It’s important to note that Ethereum developers have promised to solve this problem permanently with the Serenity update. 

How Does LindaX Work

The network uses a Proof-of-Authority algorithm that depends on verified trusted validators on the chain. As part of their commitment to the project, these validators will hold certain LX tokens. LX token is the native token of the LindaX ecosystem.

The executives at LindaX believe that the security and scalability flaws that plague the Ethereum ecosystem puts entrepreneurs at high risks. This makes their blockchain the ideal choice. Those who have been reluctant to use blockchain technology will now be more inclined to do so. The blog post by the company made reference to the entrepreneurs who lost billions of dollars on Ethereum in the past because of security issues.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD

With its team based in Australia, US and Canada, LindaX started an initial coin offering presale in August. The company has already set milestones that include developing mobile wallets for Google Play and Apple app store. It also plans to make updates that will make it more scalable than it currently is in the future.

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