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Cheez Now Lets Users Earn Bitcoin and Ethereum for Viewing, Sharing and Posting Short Videos



A new version of the popular short video app introduces social media users to blockchain and cryptocurrency through daily tasks and games

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cheez, a popular short video app from mobile app developer Inc., today announced new features that let users earn Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) — the two biggest cryptocurrencies — for creating, viewing, and sharing user-generated content. The latest version of the Cheez app rewards users with BTC and ETH for completing a series of daily tasks like sharing or uploading a video. Users can also win crypto by playing an in-app game of chance called Wheel of Fortune.

While blockchain and cryptocurrency are poised to reshape the future global economy and the way people engage and transact with one another, the industry has yet to see successful adoption among the masses. Part of the challenge lies in the fact that there are very few opportunities for the average consumer to participate in the crypto economy and even fewer real-world applications of blockchain technology.

Developed in partnership with Contentos, a public blockchain project that aims to decentralize the mobile content ecosystem and empower independent creators, the app’s new token-based user incentive program aims to drive mainstream awareness and participation in the crypto economy.

“This new integration with Contentos allows us to reward our users for their daily contributions to the Cheez community, while also introducing a new audience to crypto and blockchain,” said Yuki He, founder and CEO of LiveMe.”We believe blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the digital content industry,  so we’re excited to lead the way and start getting people excited about cryptocurrency and the underlying technology.”

Cheez users can earn crypto simply by doing what they already do everyday—without going on an exchange or setting up a third-party wallet. Users can complete 15 different tasks daily, ranging from consumption-driven actions like viewing, sharing, and liking videos to creator-focused tasks like uploading new content.

In addition to earning BTC and ETH for completing blocks of daily tasks, users can also receive COS tokens, the base asset and utility token of Contentos, for completing individual tasks. As an example, users are rewarded with 2 COS tokens for commenting on a video and 3 COS tokens for uploading new content. Users can also play the Wheel of Fortune game daily for a chance to win additional BTC, ETH, and COS tokens.

COS tokens unlock special privileges within the app, including special badges, the ability to post longer videos, and premium exposure to attract more viewers. Fans can also use COS tokens to direct message their favorite creators, a feature that gives fans a way to incentivize creators for one-on-one engagement and offers creators a new revenue stream.

“We are delighted to partner with Cheez to bring BTC and ETH to the platform and create a content ecosystem where creators and fans alike can be compensated for their role in nurturing an ever growing community,” said Contentos founder Mick Tsai. “Our goal is to help creators and fans build stronger connections on a global scale by leveraging blockchain technology. Together with Cheez we’re bridging the gap for the average person while providing real world examples of how decentralized platforms can benefit users.”

About Cheez

Cheez is a social video app for creating, sharing, and discovering short videos up to 17 seconds long.  Available for iOS and Android, Cheez offers endless creative possibilities with a huge selection of live filters, voice changers, stickers and music, while its intuitive editing tools let users trim, cut, merge and adjust playback speed with ease. Cheez is also about discovering and viewing a variety of videos ranging from funny to sentimental, and everything in between.

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About Inc. Inc. is the mobile app developer behind the popular live broadcasting platform LiveMe and is focused on developing content-based applications for the mobile-first generation. Its flagship app, LiveMe, has amassed more than 60 million users and distributed tens of millions of dollars to broadcasters through direct virtual gifting. Inc.’s portfolio also includes Cheez, a social short video app highlighting the power of creativity in 17 seconds, and Fluxr, a mobile gaming and esports live streaming app.


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