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Colorado to Be a Blockchain Hub if Governor Candidate Has His Way



The Democrat candidate campaigning for the governor’s seat in Colorado wants to introduce policies that may make the state a competitive blockchain hub.

The gubernatorial race in Colorado is on and Democrat candidate Jared Polis has a trick up his sleeve that might attract the attention of tech workers in the state. The candidate added a new blockchain policy to his campaign promises, adding that his goal is to “establish Colorado as a national hub for blockchain innovation in business and government.”

“From supply chains to cybersecurity to banking, blockchain-based solutions have the potential to reshape our economy, jobs, cybersecurity, and government transparency. As governor, I will ensure that Colorado explores the potential use of blockchain technology and works alongside the business community, policy experts, local communities, and Coloradans to build a robust economy for the future,”

he said in his announcement.

In detail, he proposes “improving municipal and county elections” by using blockchain technology. This may involve elections that are run on a distributed ledger system, preventing voter fraud, protecting voter anonymity, and securing the election results from any tampering.

Of course, this doesn’t really matter much as long as the blockchain is permissioned. In a permissionless setting, there is no one party that controls what gets included in the database. However, an election blockchain would be controlled by the same entity that has run Colorado’s elections up until now. Still, with a blockchain in place, it would indeed help prevent issues with voters attempting to rig the system for their preferred candidate as well as outside manipulation.

Interestingly enough, one of Polis’ policy proposals involves reducing regulatory barriers like state money transmissions laws for cryptocurrencies and include protections for “open blockchain tokens,” meaning—in his words—”cryptocurrencies that are exchangeable for goods and services.”

As a Democrat candidate, he definitely surpasses expectations by being in favor of fewer regulatory measures.

Couple that with the fact that he wants to establish a working group that would discuss using blockchain technology to help improve the energy grid, and Polis is a pretty moderate candidate, at least as far as blockchain technology is concerned.

If Colorado gets serious about this, it’s going to have to compete with the likes of other states like Connecticut, whose governor has already signed a couple of bills into law creating a working group that would theoretically help the state become more attractive for blockchain companies.

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