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COS Takes Global Tour to Tokyo to Create Value for Millions of Content Creators Worldwide



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Contentos (COS), the world’s first public blockchain for digital content, has completed development of its underlying public chain and introduced several commercial applications within existing content platforms, including influencer promotions, live broadcasting, content-based mining, and blockchain-themed trivia games. The Contentos ecosystem is rapidly expanding, and its base asset COS is positioned to become digital gold in the global content economy and a key driver behind open distribution of content across the globe. Contentos will unify the value of global content to become the public chain for digital creation for all creators and users.

On August 10th, COS officially launched its global tour “Mastering your creativity with COS.””Contentos is a content operating system based on blockchain technology. We want to bring joy to content creators around the world,” Mick, Cofounder of COS said. “We will use Contentos’s complete ecosystem and strong technology to reshape the global content value ecosystem.”

The current thought process of the digital content industry is that the value of content creation comes from the audience’s “attention” based on a creator’s influence. Existing centralized platforms control user interest, influencer popularity, payment channels, and more importantly, all the proceeds, rewards and settlements exchanged, which can greatly limit cross-border transactions.

COS uses blockchain technology to change the future of the content industry by subverting traditional content formats such as text, picture and video and making better use of the content industry chain through intelligent optimized interactions. COS is changing the content industry with blockchain by optimizing transactions and using smart contracts.

In addition, COS proposes the innovative iBFT consensus algorithm, which enables each node to automatically switch between different consensus algorithms according to the network’s transaction volume and resource utilization. In general, the transaction validation speed can be reduced to less than 3 seconds, and the TPS can be increased to more than 2000 when the transaction volume needs to be increased. COS is committed to building the most extensive public chain for digital content, with the goal to unify global content values and return creative values to creators and their communities.

“COS will redefine content value exchange with three advantages over our competition: the ability to link global creators, an integration with an existing line of products, and a huge global user base,” said Mick. “COS will link more than one million global creators through LiveMe, a live broadcasting app, Cheez, a short video app, and PhotoGrid, a photo editing app. More diverse applications will be added at a later date.”

Afterward, Angela, Product Manager at PhotoGrid, discussed how PhotoGrid can redefine the value of content after it is connected to the COS public chain. “COS will make PhotoGrid a photo creation community that brings real value to creators,” Angela said. “Good creators need to have a good incentive system, and  COS is the first choice of cross-platform incentive systems, which can encourage more creation, increase the stickiness of the photo community, and encourage better creation, thus forming a positive cycle of the whole ecology.”

PhotoGrid is a community of 360 million registered users and 40 million monthly active users. It has users in the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, as well as many more countries. Seventy percent of them are 18 to 25 years old, which is sometimes referred to as the “most creative” age group.

“Quality creation is valuable and PhotoGrid wants to give users an incentive system that reflects the value of creation.” Angela added that traditional integrations have many drawbacks, as it is impossible to consolidate information across platforms, difficult for creators to operate multiple platforms, and the value of single platform points is low.

Currently, the PhotoGrid incentive system encourages creation and sharing, and the use of COS tokens. In addition to the current features, the photo rewards function will be available on September 1. “The first wave of open countries and regions will include the United States, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Creators will receive points and rewards, with top creators getting more encouragement. The function will also inspire user stickiness and more creativity.”

Wang Xinyuan, Head of Operations at Cheez, introduced an app referred to as the  “American version of Shakedown.” He explained the strategic collaboration between COS and Cheez from three perspectives: Why COS is the right choice, how to work with COS, and what COS can bring to Cheez.

COS can help partners establish a good internal and external ecological cycle, which includes engaging with partner industries and improving user stickiness. “With Cheez as a content platform, the advantages are a huge user base, massive quality creators, and linking these with COS,” said Wang.

Cheez has tens of millions of active monthly users. Its content advantages are obvious, as it has several top Internet celebrities and is a leader in the short video industry.

Besides LiveMe, PhotoGrid and Cheez, COS has other partners that have both high traffic and a huge number of users.. As the world’s leading digital public chain, COS has over 600 million potential users and over 100,000 content creators worldwide. It the world’s first blockchain project with both products and users. With the cooperation of more content platforms, the application scenarios of COS will be greatly expanded and the ecosystem will be enriched, thus realizing the Contentos’s vision of “Reshaping the global content value ecosystem.”

Photo: Cointelegraph on-site interview, which is a world-renowned blockchain media outlet

At the end of the meeting, the globally renowned blockchain publication Cointelegraph interviewed Mick onsite. The Cointelegraph will feature COS as a global leader in blockchain projects for a series of reports. In addition, many overseas media reported the event, including Reuters, NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance and more.

As Contentos continues to build a decentralized global digital content ecosystem using blockchain technology, this trip to Tokyo is only the first step in a long journey to change the world’s content landscape.

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