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Crypto And Blockchain Focused MBA Offered By Major South Korean Business School



Another feat of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has arrived. The Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies aka aSSIST will start offering a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program aimed especially at the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

The announcement was made on Friday and according to, master’s degree program will cover blockchain, crypto-economics and token economy courses from technological, crypto-economic and business strategic perspectives. The program will take one and a half years to complete at the University.

A representative of the Graduate School elaborated the mission of the new MBA program as follows.

The mission of Assist business school’s Crypto MBA program is to remedy the lack of academic research and systematic education currently available in the industry, despite a high level of social interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency MBA

The Seoul based graduate school further elaborated the curriculum, it will include in-depth learning of digital tokens and their respective protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contract technology, cryptology, EOS, amongst other crypto and blockchain related topics.

The crypto-economics curriculum will involve digital currency studies, microeconomics, macroeconomics, behavioral economics and theory on currency finance, game theory and mechanism design. The students will also be taught about management mechanisms, strategic statistics, digital financial accounting, digital marketing strategies, crypto funds, Dapp planning and writing strategy for persuasive whitepapers.

A rise in courses related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

One positive sign indicating the mainstream adoption of any technology is the increase in courses offered by various institutions. As and when any new technology is introduced there are some self-learners, who take off the technology from the ground level. And as and when the technology grows these early start-ups require a team that is well versed in the technology. And as and when such a demand arise colleges, universities often introduce courses to cater to the demand.

So, the demand for blockchain graduates have been increasing steadily, in fact, a LinkedIn report reveals that 2018’s most growing job sector is blockchain developer. In addition, many firms of the crypto ecosystem had collaborated with certain universities to offer courses specifically catering to their requirements. For instance, the Tezos Foundation partnered with Kingsland University, Ethereum Foundation backed a blockchain course in the University of Tokyo, Aeternity, The 33rd Highest Crypto Launches Free Blockchain Education Course. 

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