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Crypto Trading Firm Coinbase Hires Former Amazon Exec



The market-leading crypto trading firm, Coinbase, has headhunted Amazon Cloud executive veteran Tim Wagner to join their team as vice president of engineering. Hiring the former Amazon web services executive is a major coup for the company that will help bolster security for its products.

As the crypto world moves towards the mainstream, it is interesting to see the migration of a top Amazon executive to join a crypto trading firm in the ilk of Coinbase.

Major signing for the crypto trading firm

Coinbase has already established itself as a crypto giant, and with the announcement on Monday that it is hiring former Amazon executive, Tim Wagner, as their new vice president of engineering, it is a positive move in the right direction for the company.

The appointment of Wagner was announced in a blog post from the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, who went on the elaborate by talking about the company’s strategy to build crypto products and how Wagner would be leading the innovative engineering teams at Coinbase.

“Through this period of rapid growth, we are more focused than ever on meeting the increasing needs of individuals, institutions, and businesses while continually advancing the frontiers of cryptocurrency. At the same time, we’re creating the infrastructure that will allow us to add more assets to our platform and accelerate the adoption of crypto around the world,” said Armstrong.

The move to hire Wagner would be largely due to the role he took in the creation of the AWS Lambda, which was a server-less computer system that has a reputation for its immense security. Wagner also worked on API services and apps at Amazon, and formally worked at Microsoft, before now taking on this top job at the market-leading crypto trading firm.

Big employment moves at Coinbase

This is not the first time in recent months that Coinbase has made big news with staff appointments. There has been a series of high-profile appointments at the crypto trading firm in recent times, which includes the head of business development, Emilie Choi, who previously worked for Linkedin. Another well-publicized appointment at Coinbase in recent months was Tina Bhatnager, which was an operations veteran at Twitter, who was appointed by Coinbase as head of customer relations.

One of the major issues crypto companies routinely complain about is the lack of experienced and knowledgeable experts in the industry. Although many universities are setting up crypto education and courses, it seems that more talent from major web giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter are now jumping ship and heading to major crypto firms such as Coinbase, which is a positive look for the industry.

As major economic firms and financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and the Intercontinental Exchange begin to enter the crypto industry, it pushes a crypto trading firm such as Coinbase to take its services and expertise to another level.

The appointment of Tim Wagner at the crypto trading firm will spark positive news across the crypto-sphere, as the industry tries to make up for the shortfall of skills and expertise that it will need to ensure cryptocurrency reaches its potential to integrate into mainstream consciousness.

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