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Cure WorldCosplay Launches Cryptocurrency Platform



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Aiming to capitalise on the fast-growing cosplay market, Cure WorldCosplay recently launched a crowdsale for the cosplay community on July 29th.

Cosplay is a multi-billion dollar industry where fans dress up as their favourite fictional characters from anime films or Japanese manga.

Cure WorldCosplay said that Cosplay Token crowdsale would allow cosplayers to be paid for their work in cryptocurrency, creating a feasible payment method that doesn’t incur large fees.

The opportunities for payment include photo books, event attendance and PR for the commissioning company.

According to China Research and Intelligence, (CRI), cosplayers spent $17.8 billion (US) on costumes, wigs, props and cosmetics in 2017.

“Cosplay is booming, but the community faces challenges because of copyright and revenue sharing issues. We want to implement a copyright record keeping system on Blockchain and allow revenues to be shared via Smart Contracts,” said Cure WorldCosplay CEO Junichiro Kawai.

Many cosplayers are not paid for their work because they don’t have access to a settlement account to receive funds.

By providing an easier way to reach financial settlements, protect copyrights and ensure trust and transparency, Cure WorldCosplay can ensure that players are properly rewarded for their services.

Using the Cure WorldCosplay ecosystem, players will be able to create their own unique tokens to expand their business opportunities worldwide. Fans also will be able to earn tips by publishing articles and translating those articles on Cure WorldCosplay.  

“We want to create an environment where users can share their articles and advice, while creating a strong online cosplay community,” said Mr Kawai.

Users of the Cure WorldCosplay system will be able to create and trade using their own personalised coins, while tapping into the 720,000-strong Cure WorldCosplay member base.

“Players will be able to organise giveaways, prizes and offers for their fans using the personalised coin system on Cure WorldCosplay” said Mr Kawai.

To participate in the crowdsale visit

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