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Ethereum’s Status Partners With Nim



The mobile Dapp browsing provider is teaming up with the crew behind the programming language Nim.

According to information shared with ETHNews, the team behind Status, a mobile Dapp browser on the Ethereum blockchain, has partnered with the developers of Nim, a “statically typed and compiled” programming language that can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems. The two groups will work on sharding research and promote the development of the open-source language, which Status summarizes as a combination of C, Python, and Lisp.

The collaboration will see Status provide funding and resources to help the Nim team remain focused in developing its language. Apparently, the open-source and volunteer-based nature of the project has led to “a lack of dedicated and focused computer scientists solely focused on its development.”

One of Nim’s core developers, Dominik Picheta, told ETHNews:

“We hope that this partnership will encourage other developers to adopt Nim for their projects and that it will give software companies the confidence to develop products using Nim.”

Although Nim does not have a steadfast deadline for the first version of its language, the crew has identified various issues on GitHub that must be resolved before its release, including multiple errors and crashes.

Looking beyond its partnership with Status, Nim is also working on a grants program wherein developers would be hired to contribute to specific projects.

In related news, the Status team announced its forthcoming sharding client, Nimbus, on Wednesday, August 1. The client uses the Nim programming language to handle complex computations on resource-restricted devices, such as certain smartphones. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed his enthusiasm via Twitter for the team’s project.

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