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Exodus Wallet Now Embraces Ripple (XRP), TrueUSD




As the mystery of the crypto space continues to unravel, the latest is the inclusion of XRP and TrueUSD coins in the Exodus wallet. It’s now possible and easy to send, receive, and exchange between XRP and TUSD seamlessly.

A dream come true

The addition of XRP to the Exodus wallet is a dream fulfilled for countless enthusiasts who had been expressing their concern regarding this functionality through tweets, e-mails, and slack messages.

What’s more, the Exodus wallet now supports the world’s first stablecoin, TrueUSD, which users can send, receive, and exchange using the wallet. TrueUSD is the first stablecoin that users can redeem one-for-one in exchange for dollars. It operates on a US-backed ERC20 blockchain with complete collateral, legal protection, and transparent third-party verification.

The fun continues

As if the inclusion of the two assets is not enough, the Exodus wallet now allows their customers using Mac operating systems to instantly update their wallets in-app. Plans are underway to extend the same functionality to Windows users soon. To crown it, the wallet equally supports Digibyte supported-addresses.

With the new functionalities in the Exodus wallet, XRP enthusiasts will from now on enjoy lightning-fast transactions, without having to use their imagination anymore. As a xrp user, you can now simply use your receiving address to receive funds through the Exodus wallet—no destination tag required!

In support of TrueUSD

In a similar bid to improve functionality, the Ripple XRP wallet has added the first fiat-asset linked TUSD to its community. Professional users of the Exodus wallet are happy with this latest development, saying it will enable them to hedge their profits when the markets plummet. All the same, users of stable coins such as TUSD still have to glean more information on how such assets work in the crypto space.

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