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Gubernatorial Candidate Jared Polis Wants To Bring Blockchain to Colorado



U.S. Representative Jared Polis (D-Colorado) has been a fan of cryptocurrencies for a while. Now he’s running for governor and has been adding proposals about blockchain adoption and use to his political platform.

A growing number of political candidates in the United States are making issues concerning technology a key part of campaigns.

U.S. Representative Jared Polis (D-Colorado) is no different. He’s been a defender of cryptocurrencies from people both in and outside the halls of Congress.

Polis has supported regulation that would require federal employees to disclose virtual currency holdings, and fired back at Senator Joe Manchin in 2014 when the West Virginian called for a Bitcoin 00 ban.

Polis responded with calls for a satirical ban on the U.S. Dollar, using the opportunity to highlight some flaws with fiat money and several benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Polis won the Democratic gubernatorial nomination for Colorado last month, and is now setting his sights on becoming governor of the state. As part of his campaign platform, Polis has been highlighting the benefits of blockchain for Colorado companies, and has been releasing some proposals about how he plans to integrate the technology if he were to win.

Campaigning on Blockchain

A variety of Polis’ political positions, as well as his background, have helped his campaign grab attention. He’s a supporter of Medicare for all, and would become the first openly gay man to become governor in the country if elected.

Polis has also touted his technological background as a strength for potential voters. Several start-ups of his were very successful during the dot-com boom days, and he mentioned in an interview how he was an early adopter into virtual currencies.

His official campaign website features a page for ‘Blockchain Policy,’ promising to explore the

Potential use of blockchain technology and works alongside the business community, policy experts, local communities, and Coloradans to build a robust economy for the future.

Blockchain for the Future

Recently, Polis published a couple of action steps he would take if elected to use and integrate blockchain technology into the state’s affairs.

His first point has to do with researching how blockchain technology can be used to improve municipal and country elections as part of an effort to “implement 21st-century cybersecurity infrastructure.”

Polis also notes how he would collaborate with state legislature to come up with regulations that would emulate what has been seen in Wyoming.

He believes these types of moves could help Colorado bring in innovative companies to engage as issuers, exchanges, and wallet providers, all “without the licensing requirements of the multitude of securities laws.”

Hopeful Hubs

Legislators in Wyoming have also been working hard to make their state an attractive destination for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts by submitting bills that many see as industry-friendly. West Virginia is also testing out a blockchain-based voting application for military personnel who are out of the state.

Additionally, Polis advocates working alongside utility companies to see how blockchain can be used to bolster the energy grid, exploring public ledgers to help digitize government records, and overall expand the further use of blockchain by working with local communities and businesses.

Overall, Polis writes how his goal is to “establish Colorado as a national hub for blockchain innovation in business and government.” He thinks strong leadership will attract companies who will work to help save taxpayers money and give value to state residents.

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