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“If Bitcoin (BTC) Eventually Hits $3,000” – Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Brother – Today’s Gazette



The ending market dip has given room for series of observations and speculations from analyst and crypto experts around the world. The latest year-to-date fall where Bitcoin (BTC) was priced below $4,400 in the early hours of the day has made the brother of Litecoin’s Charlie Lee issue out a stunning comment on twitter that it won’t come to his surprise if the digital currency falls to as low as $3,000 per BTC.

Also the co-founder of BTCC, Bobby Lee said BTC has been down by over 30% from the $6,500 level price it has been maintaining some few weeks back.

Previously yesterday, the BTCC co-founder stated that Bitcoin’s price which had then fallen by 20% should be a great ground in shaking off those who don’t know why they are still holding a money-losing investment.

Lee believes that investors are waiting for the bottom price of the digital currency before they can hoard massively.

Bobby Lee had earlier inferred that the bear market could last more than 18 months, and this would really be a test of test of time.

Bobby Lee Compares Bitcoin’s Value To Gold And How BTC Will Surpass Gold’s Value

While eulogizing Bitcoin (BTC) for its unique, transparent and borderless means of storing value. Lee in a statement disclosed his belief that even though Gold is worth 100 times than Bitcoin today, BTC might later send Gold to exile when it comes to storing value.

The CEO of San Francisco and Victoria-based Blockstream consented with Lee’s tweet by issuing out a retweet where he stated that he considers $250k-$500k/BTC in year to come a reality.

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