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Industry Pioneer, Bitcoin PR Buzz Offers Free Consultations to Blockchain Platforms in Its Summer Campaign



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With restrictions on running cryptocurrency-related ads on major social media and other platforms, it is becoming ever more important for blockchain organizations to have strategic marketing and PR campaigns to attract the public. A correctly timed distribution of information on the right channels can make all the difference in attracting users and investors.

Concentrating more on their core objectives, many decentralized platforms fail to capitalize on marketing opportunities presented to them. In this respect, with their expertise in marketing for the blockchain industry, Bitcoin PR Buzz (BPRB), the first PR agency to cater for the blockchain sector, has kicked off a campaign where it offers a no obligation, free of cost consultation for an effective outreach campaign.

One Hour, A Lifetime’s Worth

Decentralized platforms, new and old, can take advantage of this free offer from BPRB. The offer is an hour-long session with experienced and dedicated PR professionals.

The free session includes:

  • Skype meeting with an expert and dedicated Account Manager.
  • Top to bottom analysis of existing structure (platform, whitepaper, and current media presence) prior to the meeting.
  • Improvement points discussed to maximize impact for maximum outreach.
  • Specific and customized campaign advice to meet individual platform requirements and budgetary restrictions.

Every blockchain organization can take advantage of this offer to redesign their marketing activities to obtain the edge that will set them apart from their competitors, leading to an overall increase of followers, active users and investors.

Platinum Executive Package

A substantial increase in PR/marketing demand has led to the offering of a new Platinium Executive package by BPRB. This package offers guaranteed publication of PRs and articles on the largest and most-visited crypto news websites. This new package contains:

  • Standard offerings from the Ultimate Executive package, plus another 11 featured articles on the biggest crypto media platforms.
  • 11 more original articles on major blockchain websites such as,,NullTX,,,,, and more.
  • PRs published on,, Criptonoticias, Criptomoedas Facil, ZYCrypt, CoinSpeaker etc.
  • PRs published on major, non-blockchain news sites such as Fox, NBC, Reuters and 500 others.
  • Submission of PRs to newsdesks around the world, such as the New York Times, Forbes, CNN, and Bloomberg.
  • Social Media Viral and trackable twitter campaign.

About BPRB

Bitcoin PR Buzz is an industry trendsetter that started its services 5 years ago, dedicated to the blockchain sector when none other did. The organization has worked alongside many of the biggest startups, successfully creating campaigns to attract users and backers. As of today, the organization has served more than 800 happy clients

The summer campaign is a limited-time offer and organizations willing to take advantage should contact the PR agency at the earliest for bookings of their sessions.

For more information on the free offering and the Platinium executive package, visit their website or contact them on their email.

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