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Introducing First Decentralized Education Platform: Digital Degree



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Digital Degree is an education collaborative platform that provides variety of online courses for the students. This is the most comprehensive curriculum available for the learning the fundamental as well as advance skills for blockchain and other platforms. The Digital Degree platform will offer students online courses with a clear and transparent blockchain-based reward system and achievement tracking.

We see Digital Degree as a unique tool for business to recruit tech talent and shape global education to its needs through smart-incentives. National government Job centers will be able to track the demand of skills without having to involve scrupulous report gatherings from businesses and also help jobless citizens by subsidising studies for skills on high demand. Think about it as Coursera and HackerRank merged together, powered by blockchain technology.

We are proposing a digital incentivized studying platform as a new tool to grow the global tech talent pool. Companies in need of tech talent will provide financial incentives to students willing to participate in training courses and to develop their skills. Companies seeking to get people familiar with newly introduced technology or services, will provide financial incentives to students willing to spend the time to learn and to try the company’s offerings.


We are going to list variety of online courses on Digital Degree platform that allows user to learn various technologies and get certified in it.

Digital Degree offers different course for all people without any age limitation. We have divided courses from beginner to advance level for each and every age of people.

  • Blockchain Based Certificate

We provide certificate for all courses listed at Digital Degree. The professional profiles of all the candidate are verified and listed under the digital degree blockchain platform.

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