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IP Asset Trading Platform INKubator Launches with Epic 10,000,000 INK Tokens Giveaway



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August 19, 2018 – INKubator, the highly anticipated Global Cultural Asset Trading Platform developed by blockchain powerhouse Ink, was officially introduced to the world in an exclusive preview in Seoul, South Korea on August 19, and launched its explainer video today on its YouTube channel.

To celebrate its launch, INKubator has 10,000,000 INK tokens up for grabs. Early adopters who register now get 300 INK tokens in their account!

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INKubator is a one-stop platform for managing and monetizing intellectual property. By applying blockchain technology to the global cultural assets market, Ink has created a decentralized market for creative content transactions and built a completely new global ecosystem for content creators.

With INKubator, digital copyright can easily be established, creatives can efficiently monetize and protect original content, and IP tokens can be used for transactions to enable the free flow of assets and information.

“The global cultural assets industry represents a huge market, and it’s one where the continual production of quality content is key to its success. Under the traditional business model, many quality IP assets lack an efficacious way to secure financing support. This seriously diminishes the creator’s passion, not to mention suppress the creation and realization of quality content. The objective of INKubator is to create a completely new model, one that bridges thousands of cultural projects in-the-making to the market. By supporting and encouraging original content creation, we hope that the global cultural assets ecosystem can flourish.” –Ink Co-Founder June Choi

INKubator can be used by creators for crowdfunding with the distribution of personalized IP tokens. Fans or investors may use INK tokens or other digital currency to support the crowdfunding efforts in exchange for IP tokens. When the target has been reached, fans can then use the IP tokens they possess to pay for the promised content and more. This allows the free flow of IP tokens in INKubator’s open digital currency market.

Through this model, ordinary account holders can be angel investors and participate in the exciting startup stages of creative projects. At the same time, they get to reap the benefits when the project comes to fruition. What’s more, they stand to gain when the IP tokens eventually increase in value. As for content creators and IP owners, the barriers of entry for fulfilling a dream project become virtually non-existent.

These sophisticated systems reinvent the traditional business model of the arts and culture industry. Ink’s vision is to build a vibrant, high-volume and secure market for IP assets. By connecting global cultural assets using blockchains, original content gets a boost on the global platform both in terms of value and transferability.

INKubator is now open for registration. Visit to experience it first-hand.

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