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Monero (XMR) Leads Privacy Coins; Monerujo Upgrades as Coinhive Rakes in $4,000 Daily



The awareness in the crypto verse about what each digital asset offers has led to many coins waking up from slumber to satisfy the consumer quest for better services. Monero (XMR) has not been left behind in the privacy coin category. Its impressive development has catapulted the brand to a household name.

When people talk about cryptocurrency, what come into their mind is Bitcoin but when privacy coins are discussed, Monero is the first to pop up. However, the privacy coin tag has torn Monero in the middle; there are those embracing it for the privacy of their funds and those who see it as the hub of the dark web. So what is making Monero attractive?

Newly Upgraded Monero Monerujo App

With the recent upgrade of the Monerujo app to 1.6.3 version, users are able to easily manage their XMR wallet. The new version comes with very interesting features that include the Ledger Nano S over the OTG with the ability to send a receive NFC which is similar to QR codes and the older version bugs have been fixed.

The app allows you to select your preferred language with Swedish, Greek, Hungarian, Russian and Romanian added to the existing ones. The ability to switch languages gives Monero and its native coin, XMR increased visibility and appeal to users across the globe. Not many privacy coins offer the users the App language selection option.

The update and integration of Ledger Nano S now allows users to build GUI 0.12.3 on their desktops. This way, it becomes easy to use Monerujo as an application. This means that as a user, you can connect your android phone to your desktop via a USB cable and takes advantage hardware wallet.

Monero (XMR) Coinhive Miner Makes over $4,000 per day

As a real life proof that mining is not solely a preserve of established firms with well-equipped data silos, Monero Coinhive Miner can help you make over $4,000 in mining rewards daily translating to $120,000 a month. This is an old computer system riding on JavaScript and spread across the web and uses websites that want to make an extra buck without ads.

The simple script is high demand despite the price of cryptocurrencies going to the dogs. Using Coinhive Miner gives you 1.8% of the total Monero network hashing power. This may sound like peanuts but the crypto mining is a multi-billion industry and Monero browser based miners’ accounts for 75% of total operations.

In a day, you can generate over 45 XMR and at the current price of the coin. At the time of preparing this report XMR is trading at $103.19, which is a huge if you look at it from an annual point of view. There is no other platform offering a lucrative block reward in the market today than Monero making it a safe haven for web owners in making crypto.

Monero Coinhive Miner Downside

The development of the Coinhive was in good faith but crypto criminals are using it for their own selfish benefits. Hackers are using the same script to direct mined crypto t their wallets. They use unsuspecting website to integrate the script and infect quite a number of computers to mine for the criminals.

The set-up is so easy that one does not need to be tech savvy to benefit from the miner. With the privacy nature of the Monero ecosystem, the activities are hard to detect. You only require “short links” to access the Monero network through a variety of hashes and you are good to go.

Despite of the downside, Monero (XMR) performance for the last two days in the market appears bright. The last 24-hour trading period has seen the coin climb above the $100 mark to trade at $103.19 after gaining 6.75% to the dollar. With many altcoins on their recovery zone, the market for XMR looks promising and a lot of adoption has been recorded this quarter.


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