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OKEx suspends deposits of both Monero and Cardano ahead of upgrades – BCFocus




According to OKEx support, the exchange has announced that they have suspended the deposits of Monero while suspending both deposits and withdrawals of Cardano.

The suspension of Monero has been announced due to a wallet upgrade by the exchange while that of Cardano is due to a client upgrade. The exchange also announced that trading will resume once both the processes are complete.

Suspension of depositing Monero began at 9.00 am (CET) on November 21, 2018, while the suspension of withdrawing Cardano began at 6.30 am on November 21, 2018.

However, users can still deposit Cardano into the exchange, but the asset will be credited to the users’ account only after the upgrade.

According to a recent report by BC Focus, OKEx denied and disproved reports by Amber AI that the exchange was involved in market manipulations. The electronic trading firm reported that the exchange had begun early settlements of Bitcoin Cash futures contracts trading on the exchange platform before the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork.

However, OKEx stated with a proof that Amber AI has alleged without any evidence that the exchange has manipulated the market and that the exchange will take further legal actions against Amber AI for disrupting OKEx’s business.

OKEx’s evidence includes the ‘OKEx Futures Trading Users Agreement.

“If market anomalies occur before or after settlement and delivery, which results in wide fluctuation of futures index or abnormal clawback rate, we may postpone or early settlement and delivery as the case may be. We shall post an announcement regarding detailed rules,” read the agreement

According to CoinMarketCap, Monero is trading at a price of $68.12 and its market cap is $1.13 billion while Cardano is trading at a price $0.047112 and its market cap $1.22 billion.

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