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Ripple and XRP Ace-ing The Near Impossible – Bankless Times



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Ripple the company and XRP the native coin within the RTXP protocol is having it rough from both planes—fundamentally and technically. Week over week, it is down 40 percent and shedding more than 85 percent from Dec 2017 peaks. If it continues this way—and specifically if the SEC says the coin is a security–then we might see XRP printing 2 cents in days to come. This is regardless of the near decentralization strategy in place that has since reduced Ripple control to 48 percent in their UNL list.From the NewsThere is this thorn call centralization that Ripple the company is trying hard to lodge out. Every Tom and Dick always pulls the centralization card when cornered but with the company’s decentralization strategy in place, XRP is on course of becoming the most decentralized coin in the crypto space.Remember, even decentralization poster coins as Bitcoin and Ethereum are centralized-talk of mining

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XRP Technical Analysis: Ripple and XRP Ace-ing The Near Impossible

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