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Ripple CTO, David Schwartz, Preceded Satoshi’s Bitcoin (BTC) With A Distributed Computer Platform In The 80s



Ripple CTO, David Schwartz, came up with a distributed computer platform similar to Satoshi’s Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain with more than 20 years before the dawn of the first cryptocurrency in the world. Invented in the 80s and filed as a patent in 1998, David’s “multilevel distributed computer system” was practically the first distributed ledger technology-based system.

Ripple CTO, David Schwartz, invented the first distributed computer platform with over 20 years before Satoshi Nakamoto

The distributed computer platform aimed to ease up the intensive computing tasks by sharing them with a network of devices. According to the patent filed by Dav id Schwartz, currently the Ripple CTO, “a distributed computer system is a network of computers each of which function independently of but in a cooperative manner with each other.”

“The versatility of a computer system can be increased by using a plurality of small computers, such as personal computers, to perform simple tasks and a central computer for longer more complex tasks,” Schwartz added.

David said that back in the 80s when he came up with this idea, he was trying to solve a graphics rendering glitch that demanded significant CPU power. However, the CPUs performance boosted very fast, and there was no need for such a system anymore.

David Schwartz’s system also presented many issues

The first issue David bumped into after he created the first distributed computer platform was the difficulty in interconnecting computers, which was a significant problem in the 80s in comparison with present days.

Secondly, breaking the computing tasks into smaller fragments to be processed by multiple computing systems was also a big challenge for Schwartz’s first distributed computer platform.

“It does seem that the things I worked on in the past keep coming up in the things I’m working on now. I think that’s more just due to most of my work being in the same general area of distributed computing and cryptography,” said David Schwartz, Ripple CTO.

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