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Stellar (XLM) Aims for Top 4 As Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Dips Once Again!



Crypto market signed up the day with a positive sign, where almost all digital assets were moving up recovering from last days market, the day (22nd Nov 2018) is about to end and the market once again has crashed and looks horrible. Bitcoin (BTC) started with gains today but at the moment it is going down, which has caused all the other altcoins to drop once again.  

The market has lost up to almost $100 billion in a time of month or so. This is huge and this has caused the cryptocurrency industry to sit back in the world market. From all these conditions where the market is stumbling, Stellar (XLM) looks to aim for the 4th spot, XLM recently passed EOS to move on 5th spot and know it looks to overtake Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It looks that Stellar will soon takeover BCH because Bitcoin Cash has been the most affected coin from these bear markets. It has lost up to 50% in the last seven days, which is huge and this has rattled the basis of BCH in the market.  

Stellar (XLM) has overcome these conditions of the bear market throughout 2018 and it has been one of the top gainers of this year. Well, we can say that this recent bear market has turned out to be a good one for Stellar (XLM) because before this bear market XLM was sitting on the 6th spot and the recent bear market has moved it to 5th spot. This might be another chance for XLM to benefit from this bear market and move one further step ahead and make to top 4, so it could compete for top 3 coins in the coming year.  

This November has been full of drama, where this recent drop has been one of worst of crypto history. What a bombshell it has been by the crypto market for its users. Stellar (XLM) is one coin along XRP (XRP) which is expected to be future cryptocurrency Bitcoin, because of their technology which is fasted, low-cost and reliable. XLM provides with quick transactions at very low-cost and is also very secure. Being a third-generation digital asset, it fulfills and resolves the shortcomings of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). So, we can hope and soon see Stellar (XLM) competing with XRP (XRP), which would be interesting and good for the market.

At the time of writing, Stellar (XLM) was trading at a price of $0.19 USD. It was moving down with a rate of –3.2% in the last 24 hours. XLM’s market cap was around $3.7 billion, whereas the market cap of BCH’s market cap was $3.8 billion. The difference was just about $150 million. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was moving down with the much faster pace that was around –6.5%. Keeping in view BCH recent performance and rapid downfall, XLM has a good chance to overthrow BCH for the 4th spot in the market. 


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