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THE RIPPLE – News – Olney Daily Mail – Olney, IL



Good day, dear readers. It’s a pleasure to commune with you once again in this way.
My heart opens as I write these words, and I thank you for your openness to read something unpredictable, consider something often uncomfortable, and to allow the seeds of The Ripple to germinate and resonate within your own heart.
In this way, we stay connected despite the number of miles separating us at any given time.
When I receive your feedback, your wisdom and insights are seeded within my heart and expressed as action, change, and love through the actions taken in my own life.
Connection – such beautiful, inescapable, powerful connection.
In this way, we live as one and our power to make social shifts and planetary change expands exponentially.
You read this article from somewhere in my old stomping grounds of rural Illinois, and I write it from somewhere in rural Colorado.
And yet, I have tears in my eyes as I write these words because I can feel your warmth and curiosity as you sit there in the coffee shops or in the comfort of your home, and you invite words from my heart to enter your mind, your heart, and soul.
We are the same: curious earth dwellers who know there’s something more to life. We’ve felt pain. We’ve found our way through life situations that we hoped never to experience.
We’ve said goodbye to people we love.
We have hurt the feelings of others.
We have brought comfort and joy to others.
We walk the same earth, breathe the same air, and are connected in our needs for safety, community, and love.
We get goosebumps when the evening news shows us what the world is coming to, and we all wonder about the great spiritual energies which are living and supporting us as we try to figure out this human earth dream.
We are but souls fallen into the conditions of humanism such as the biochemistry of the brain and body, the laws of physics on our planet, and the ability to emote and think.
It is such a unique set of conditions.
Such a temporary set of conditions.
An experience, but not the whole of experience.
For as I write this, the words do not flow from the mind. It is not my biochemistry that inspires this message.
As I sit a home in the mountains, I will press a button to send this communication to a publisher who sits in an office in Illinois.
The laws of physics are defied as the words you read become invisible and travel via e-mail, faster than the speed of light to make their way to you.
I don’t need to think about how and what happens for that e-mail to land, I just know that it does.
Funny how advancements in technology tend to imitate greater truths of the universe.
Angels and spiritual resources traveling faster than e-mail, offering guidance if only we could feel and sense it.
Our souls obey no laws of the physical world, and therefore you are here with me right now.
And you are not the only one.
Can you stop for a moment and feel?
Close your eyes, quit thinking.
Listen and feel. Tune in to the sound of your breath to help the thinking stop.
Can you feel a supportive energy around now?
Can you feel that we are connected in this moment?
What else might you be connected with in this moment?
Can you hear a bird chirp or feel sheltered by the roof over your head?
Can you feel God’s grace in these simplicities?
Always with you.
Cannot leave.
We are a part of the Creator, and in those moments when I have goosebumps in Colorado at the same time you do in Illinois, we experience our truth.
We are connected and originated from the same place.
To understand that connection, that oneness, let us be still.
Let us feel.
Let us remember this as we go about our days.
What I do is felt by you.
What you do is felt by me.
What we do is felt by all.
May we live as such.
One Love.

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