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Toshi Becomes Coinbase Wallet, Decentralized Web Browser and Crypto Storage



Toshi Is Now Coinbase Wallet

As part of a larger effort to invest in products to define the future of the decentralized web and become more accessible, Coinbase has recently acquired Toshi. Now, Toshi will become the newest Coinbase product: Coinbase Wallet.

This wallet will give the user access to decentralized apps and will be the user’s gateway for the cryptocurrency financial system. Toshi was created by the Coinbase team a year ago as the first mobile decentralized app browser and a wallet for crypto collectibles.

It was designed to make the process of managing crypto assets easier and decentralized allied to a great and secure storage system. By using Coinbase Wallet, you will be able to secure your private keys with biometric authentication and Secure Enclave technology.

How Does The Coinbase Wallet Work?

The goal of the Coinbase development team while creating this product was to redefine what a cryptocurrency wallet should be, so Coinbase Wallet is more than just a tool to access crypto, it can be a home-base for exploring a whole new decentralized web and all the possibilities that this entails.

By using Coinbase Wallet, you can manage your ETH and ERC20 tokens (but soon the wallet will also support BTC, BCH and LTC), receive airdrops from ICOs, buy and store crypto collectibles like the ones used in games, send payments all over the world without fees and have access to the leading decentralized exchanges of the world.

Also, you will be able to explore a universe of third-party dapps that will let you use many other features from your wallet like lending money or taking a loan or even get crypto by betting, answering questions and completing tasks.

Who Will Use Coinbase Wallet?

Any person will be able to use Coinbase Wallet. The platform was designed as a choice for crypto entrepreneurs and the users of Toshi can already look forward for a better product with a new look, but the truth is that any person can use. Toshi users just need to update the program and they will be able to receive the new version.

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