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TRON (TRX) Versus the Crypto-Verse: Confidence in Overcoming the Lead



The much believed cemented position that the leading cryptocurrencies have taken could be set on question with the new wave of coins making tremendous development. One of the strongest competitor for future market overwhelming could be the 11th largest crypto-platform TRON (with its token TRX) in the ecosystem.

TRON’s Justin Sun Target

In a very recent tweet, co-founder of TRON platform – Justin Sun made his team’s competitive nature very clear with declaring that the platform is on its way to fly past Ethereum. Ethereum (ETH) the second in lead by market capitalization.

Tron (TRX) announced its independence launching its MainNet from Ethereum at about the same time as EOS. Both cryptos promised to revolutionize various aspects of the industry, attracting the public with a promise to decentralize virtually anything.

3 Reasons Why Tron (Trx) Had A Better Mainnet Launch Than EOS

Following up, according to its roadmap not so long after the team launched their Tron Virtual Machine TVM. It works parallel with the EVM – Ethereum Virtual Machine as developers can set their work from Ethereum’s platform to TVM.

Tron is a blockchain that seeks to decentralize web content. Since its inception until some months ago when the mainnet was announced, the tokens known as Tronix were ERC20 smart contracts running on the Ethereum network.

In the tweet, Mr. Sun says that Tron (TRX) is “80 times faster than Ethereum” (ETH);

This is not the only time when the founder focused his platform’s marketing via pushing down Ethereum. On Jun 1st, 2018 – Mr. Sun continued his comparison:

Within this graph, it is important to note that although the TPS shown are much higher than the current figures, speed has always been one of Tron’s strengths when it comes to justifying its value over Ethereum.

TRON Latest

TronWallet application for the Android system has been announced by TRON Foundation via the twitter page. The app is already on Google Play, while for iOS it is coming later on.

Some of the features posted on the declaration Medium Blog Post:

  • No fees — Yes, that’s right, sending and receiving TRX is free.
  • Fully decentralized p2p wallet — no login, no signup
  • All TRON network operations supported (except ‘create token’)
  • Push notifications — get notified immediately once transactions are processed
  • Easy to use — a lot of detail went into making the user experience very simple (and fast!).

TRON & Pornhub – The rumor on Pornhub accepting Tron’s TRX has been circulating the crypto-community for quite some time now. Keeping in mind the 90 million visitors per day on the adult-site, any of the users can use TRX as payment.

Bitnovo – You can now buy TRX on or in over 20,000 stores in Spain and Italy. The key word here is twenty thousand stores. There lies tremendous possibilities for TRX with access to such a large distribution network.

Tron (TRX) Future Plans For The WWW – Complete Decentralization

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