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UDAP, a New Blockchain Middleware Startup, is Changing the Inter”face” of Blockchain



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With founders hailing from long careers at IBM and other tech companies, UDAP was founded upon decades of experience in tech, and remains closely connected to IBM and other companies that fostered the founding members. UDAP is a company that develops middleware for blockchain applications, providing customers the use and access of non-fungible asset lifecycle management services (blockchain based asset management) as well as middleware that facilitates search and trade functions within the blockchain, features that are both currently missing from existing blockchain infrastructures.

UDAP believes in the potential for blockchain to revolutionize the way we think about assets and transactions. The company aims to facilitate this revolution by empowering users to directly interface with blockchain infrastructures like never before. And, UDAP makes this possible with middleware that supports asset full lifecycle management like transfer, pledge, lease, deposit, trade, destroy, modules like search and exchange functions within the blockchain. Click here to know more of UDAP technical architecture. UDAP believes the best way to accomplish these goals is to ensure system accountability through the use of “tokens”, which can be understood as crypto representations of digital transactions.

Put simply, UDAP plans to tokenize everything. While the middleware serves an immediate purpose, using tokens to create “the internet of assets” is the company’s true vision of long-term success.   

The need for such an ecosystem will not abate. Not only are business leaders in countries around the world planning to incorporate blockchain technology into their products and services, there is already massive public and private investment into further technological development. Not to mention various entities within the Chinese central government, as well as many other local governments in China, have all publicly endorsed the technology and laid out specific strategies for advancing the adoption of the blockchain. The Nanjing city government has set aside$1.5 billion for such projects and has directly benefitted UDAP as well. The strategic investment into UDAP by QuarkChain, another blockchain company, is to support application developers and continue building a sustainable blockchain ecosystem is just one example of industry investment.

UDAP has additionally partnered with dozens of other companies and many of them are also UDAP investors. This includes, among many others, Multiple Listing Service Listings (, an online realty platform,, one of the biggest ticketing company in China, and CSDN a reddit-like forum and online community for all things IT related. Each of these investors will also incorporate UDAP’s middleware into their platforms. UDAP is able to help internet companies easily transform their platforms into token-based businesses, and it is this sort of potential that has led to so many investors.

As with any successful product, UDAP’s middleware solves problems. Blockchain as a technology has limitless potential to change industries and lives, but currently lacks certain mediums for users to interface with blockchain infrastructures. UDAP provides this possibility.

In this way, potential customers include the architects of blockchain infrastructure, as well as the end-user. UDAP’s promise to these users is threefold:

  1. No knowledge of blockchain required
  2. No Blockchain Lock-in
  3. Access to full-lifecycle asset management.

In order to grow the UDAP community and reward our existing supporters, the company is launching the first round of our Gift Rewards program with a total of 1,000,000 UPX Tokens to be used for a series of exclusive giveaways. Please visit our website to learn more.

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