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Volentix Plans an Incentive Program to Build a Decentralized Community



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November 18, 2018– The vast majority of people view the ups and downs of the world of Bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies as terribly risky. Volentix is developing a digital assets ecosystem (DAE) with the tools necessary to assist a broad audience to enter the digital assets world with relative ease, safety, and security.  

To facilitate recruitment of individuals to support the Volentix vision, an incentive program funded by Volentix’s native digital asset VTX will soon be underway.

The purpose of the promotion is to incentivize people to educate themselves on the particulars of the Volentix project. The idea is inspired by a scholarly article just published on Medium

Visitors to will be invited to review informational modules in order to qualify to receive quantities of VTX without cost. Participants will be expected to review, for example, the VDEX white paper for the decentralized exchange currently being built; the FAQ section describing plans for the Volentix project; and the introductory video on the market-ratings analytical engine VESPUCCI under construction at Volentix affiliate Pythagoras Systems in Athens, Greece.

Volentix believes that incentivizing potential participants to educate themselves on the project accomplishes the twin goals of informing the public and growing the pool of supporters joining the Volentix community.

For a limited time, Volentix is also providing an opportunity to receive 200 VTX to those who successfully complete the whitelist qualification process for purchasing VTX in the upcoming formal sale scheduled for February 1, 2019.

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